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About Us

Want to know why top founders and leading executives keep choosing to work with Fernley Hill Consulting?

We're the partner that paves the path from point A to B, making your business journey smoother. Our professional and tailored management services and personal assistance elevate your success.


As a one-stop shop, we manage projects, provide training, and offer personal services to ease your load, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Our experienced consultants bring tremendous value, crucial in times of rapid social change.

Operating with thoughtfulness and respect, we deliver high-quality services, particularly for clients navigating challenging social landscapes and tight budgets. Choose Fernley Hill Consulting and experience the difference."

Our mission 

Our mission is to partner with our clients to build a resilient and sound sustainable infrastructure. We help our clients bring their visions to life, getting from Point A to B as smoothly and as painless as possible, giving them time to focus.

What partnership means to us


It’s easy to say that “we treat our clients as partners” and many businesses say just that. But partnership means something different at Fernley Hill Consulting.


It means:


  • You can pick up the phone and use us as a sounding board for all of your ideas!

  • We will actively come to you with suggestions for moving your business forward

  • We’ll tell you exactly how it is, and pull no punches

  • On a regular basis, we’ll sit down together to discuss your plans and how we can support you.

  • When we work on a project, we’re going into battle together, not against each other. It’s important to partner with a company you know, and trust to have your best interests at heart.

Business partners shaking hands
A consultant writing notes about a meetingout a meeting

We're on a mission to make your business grow stress free.

​Ready to transform your business and regain control of your operations? Schedule a consultation now and let us elevate your success with our expert guidance today!

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